Kauhava in English

Kauhava is a hometown for people of varying tastes. Are you looking for an idyllic traditional home in the country, with a hint of nostalgia? Are you looking to build a new modern detached house at a place of your own choice – or enjoy careless living in a townhouse? All this is possible in Kauhava, at prices that are considerably more reasonable than those in the urban areas Southern Finland. And if you have to make your way there it only takes four hours by train or a half an hour by plane from the neighbouring city. Kauhava is a place for living the Finnish dream – close to both the unique nature of the plains of Ostrobothnia and the services of a developing city.


Kauhava looks after its people, from babies to grandfathers. Day care is available for all children under school age, either in a day care centre or in family day care. There are also opportunities for further studies after the lower secondary level, for example in the local upper secondary school or at the Institute for Enterprise Management. Studies in a more recreational setting are available at the Härmänmaa Music School and the Järvilakeus School of nonformal adult education. Health services, services for elderly people and social services in Kauhava are provided by the Joint Municipal Authority ”Kaksineuvoinen”.


There is always work for the willing! Especially in Kauhava, located as it is in the heart of Ostrobothnia, well known for its people’s entrepreneurial spirit. There are jobs in agriculture, industry and particularly services – both on the public and private sector. The large generations are reaching pension age, which means that a considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for the right person to carry on their successful business. Seize the opportunity – there is a small entrepreneur in us all!


You won’t have to be idle in your free time in Kauhava! There is a lot to do for people of all ages and interests. Those with active lifestyles will enjoy a whole host of well-maintained running and skiing tracks, and facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports. Those hungry for culture will find ample nourishment through arts, music and theatre. A number of unique summer festivals attract people from great distances – welcome to experience the ”Härmäläiset Häjyylyt” and the famous ”Puukko” festivals!